Best Presentation in the World

>> Friday, October 2, 2009 ran a competition for the best slidedeck in the world and they posted the winner here:

As business people, we sadly live in a "powerpoint" (should I have TM'd that?!) world. I'm guilty too. So I thought that this was interesting in a few areas:

- Clever marketing from to get the word out about their site (I wouldn't have noticed otherwise)
- The winner used very old school creative techniques and it was the simplicity of those techniques that presumably helped to "win"
- Despite the nature of almost all presentation slides that I've seen, visuals rule when it comes to communication

The fun part here is reading all the comments that were posted after the winner was announced. Since the winning deck was about healthcare reform, a lot of folks couldn't separate content from design. They couldn't help themselves but to comment more on the healthcare debate then on whether this was a well crafted presentation. Perhaps they are right, it's hard to say a presentation is "best in the world" if you don't agree with the content.

The "world" part also caught people off guard because it seems that the contest is very US-centric. The internet has taught us that if you are going to say "world" then it better be "world".

Interesting, that's all.

Hope this finds you well -- Jim.


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