Promoting Wellness vs. Illness: It’s All About We vs. I

>> Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marketers are starting to wise up to the importance of the "we-ness" in wellness.

Check out today's Forbes' Leadership Forum where Jacob Braude, Saatchi Wellness's VP of Strategic Planning, discusses the role our friends and connections play in our health and wellness:
Promoting Wellness vs. Illness: It's All About We vs. I


American Business Awards-

>> Friday, July 1, 2011

We received word this week from our Acorda clients that our site won best pharmaceutical company website at the American Business Awards ceremony held on June 20th in New York.

We have always been proud of our work on Acorda and the passion it has ignited in our team for people living with MS. But I think everyone should take special note that the high level of our work extended beyond the ads, beyond the events and digital programs we created with our Acorda partners for Move Over MS and "I Walk Because",which continue today -- and into a corporate site, which for a start-up company like Acorda is really important to how they attract investments to fund their growth.

The work has been recognized as best-in-industry again. Congratulations to Kim Olson, Paul Schmidt, William Martino, Jacob Braude, Sarah Hall, Tim Mingle and everyone else who had a hand in this work. Nicely done!