Thoughts on the DTC Fall Conference

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yesterday was day one of the DTC Fall Conference and also the second annual Hall of Fame Awards.

It was a pretty cool day, actually. The topic was healthcare reform for the most part. And although the subjects did get on the heavy side, there was an overwhelming sense of hope.

Hope that as an industry we can figure out how to continue to engage with consumers about their health and wellness, along side those grappling with the legislative and insurance issues of regulation and reform.

The stats are amazing in terms of how consumers are now more engaged in their own health than ever -- and are going online to learn and share. No amount of criticism or no lengthy debate is going to stop that. A lot of the attention has been historically been paid to television advertising which is really just one part of the mix. Television advertising still has a role, but much of the action is online where consumers are living their lives.

I moderated a panel at the end of the day which was a lot of fun. The big takeaway is that we all need to get involved in the reform. We need to state our opinion and we need to work for what we feel is right.

At the Hall of Fame Awards last night, four industry icons were inducted. Including a friend of the agency, Herb Ehrenthal. These four folks are incredible. They have devoted their careers to marketing healthcare to consumers, and in the process have improved the lives of so many through their work.

It's days like these when I remember why I got into marketing in the first place, for all the chances to create and change and grow. As an individual and an industry.

Let's see what day two brings!

Hope this finds you well -- Jim.


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