Got Wellness?

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

As a marketer at heart, not only do I love to do good marketing, I also love to observe it.  I've been an admirer of the "got milk" campaign since it's inception.  It's such a great example of a campaign that has consistently stayed on course for years now, yet has remained fresh and relevant all along the way.

Take a look at the latest incarnation, "Drink Well.  Live Well."

Fabulous!  These folks are taking milk to the next level, wellness.   First it was strong bones, then it was losing weight, and now it's all about wellness.  Milk, a proper wellness choice.   Right after my own heart!

They've also evolved the campaign from its core "print" roots that featured stunning photography to an entire online destination and information source.  Fabulous again.

Congratulations, and in my opinion a nomination for the "marketing hall of fame" is in order.

Hope this finds you well -- Jim.


Jacob June 1, 2009 at 9:12 AM  

And then there was this foray they had a couple of years back when they created "White Gold," a Spinal Tap-style big hair band docu-comedy. It was funny, but I'm not sure it sold any milk.

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