In the News: Helping Kids Conquer Obesity

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health and wellness news this week has been focused closely on the issue of obesity and specifically how it impacts our youth. A recent study revealed that while there are no easy answers for this serious national problem, parents play a vital role in their children’s weight. Obesity is a critical issue to health and wellness, one that is at the center of our approach to advising clients about the importance we place today in living more healthy lives.

Here are some current articles that caught our eye this week:

Michelle Obama comes right out and puts parents on the front line in a thoughtful article this week on the cover of Newsweek launching a nationwide program “Let’s Move.” (The picture is from a recent article in The Washington Post, showing Mrs. Obama asking the Grocery Manufacturers Association on to reduce the amount of fat, salt and sugar in foods.)

Politicians see raising the tax on a soda as a way to reduce obesity. AdAge questions if this is really going to have an impact. Take their poll and register your point of view

CNN’s “” site offers insight on three steps families can make to reduce obesity in their children.

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