First Sign of Spring

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is coming soon. To some, it brings wonderful images of budding branches and longer days. To me, it brings images of horror: not being able to wear a winter coat to hide my extra hibernation weight. It’s taken me a lifetime but I’ve finally decided there IS a link between diet, exercise, health and a size…(your favorite number here).

So I’m going to a nutritionist. And I’m going to chart my progress here every week until I reach my wellness goal, or I fall off the wagon and into a plate of Lamb Sliders at Locanda Verde. I’m not liberated enough to post numbers but I will chart feelings, changes in energy levels, and how many times anyone who works with me says, “What side of the bed did you get out of today…”.

So far I’ve gone through week one on nothing more than steamed green veggies, supplements and protein shakes. I haven’t mortally wounded anyone as yet but it’s only Monday. But I can’t say I’m full of vitality yet, either.

Meanwhile, please take a look at an article I read a while ago that made me think…and act. Seems I can’t blame genetics solely on my ancestors anymore:

Wish me luck this week.

-Helayne Spivak


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