YouTube Sensations

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First it was Susan Boyle, who overnight became the biggest click ever on YouTube, and put Britain's Got Talent on the map worldwide.

You can't help but feel good about Susan:

And then this week it was the Wedding Entrance Dance watched round the world: If you've got a pulse, you can't help yourself but smile. The folks recreated it on The Today Show!

The amazing thing about the Wedding Entrance Dance, though, is the sales that it generated. Pay attention to the music that they are dancing to and you'll hear Chris Brown's song Forever, which has long been off the charts. And Chris Brown's own personal life has taken him off the hot list for sure.

In comes the Wedding Entrance Dance on YouTube with a convenient link to Forever on iTunes. You heard that right, a convenient link to buy the song right at the bottom of the video.

The result: the song re-enters the iTunes chart at the top of the list. YouTube, and social media in general, is becoming a part of the big marketing machine. Double your pleasure, double your fun, and dance forever :)

Hope this finds you well -- Jim.


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