Olympics Inspire A New Kind of Wellness

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’m watching curling. And ice dancing! The Olympics this year are mesmerizing, and I don’t think it’s just because of the US medal count. I think in this time of economic crisis, war, fear, distrust in institutions, and general exhaustion, it’s refreshing to see happy, dedicated, talented people at the top of their game, pursuing their dreams.

But the joy is not just in being a couch potato, vicariously watching others sweat (for more about the virtues of watching TV, see Jim Joseph's blogpost today). I’m finding that the more I watch, the more inspired I get to rededicate myself to the things I want to focus on in my own life.

In December, we talked about Re-Invention being one of the top wellness trends of 2010. And while seeing Bode Miller come back from Olympic defeat is awe-inspiring, I take just as much inspiration from all 33 downhill skiers who put every ounce of their energy, talent and intelligence into their qualifying runs, and the ice dancers who practiced for 5 years, not to win, but to be 9th or 10th best. In the world, but still.

Reinvention doesn’t just happen. It takes focus, patience and dedicated practice. But fortunately, I don’t think you have to be an Olympic athlete to do it.

Hope this finds you well.



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