Re-invention. Responsibility. Respect.

>> Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Those are our three wellness watchwords for the year ahead.

They come from the results of our Wellness survey, and we’re already seeing them being validated in the culture, whether it’s Deepak Chopra’s new book, Reinventing the Body, or Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project, or Oprah’s decision to respect that the time to end her show had come.

Our wellness watchwords remind us that true wellness goes beyond good health. True wellness, we think, is a function of the choices we make, and the experiences we create. Not just in which diet we choose or what medicine we take. There’s a chance – a need -- to create wellness in every part of our life’s story, from friends and family, to finance and fatigue, to marriage and money. And those are just places to start – the opportunity for wellness is woven in to every part of our lives.

So how do we see our three wellness watchwords coming to play in 2010?

Reinvention. Well, that’s easy. As the economy tumbled all around us, even those still bringing home salaries every week looked for ways to live their lives differently. There’s a debate about whether those changes will stick, but we think it will, at least for the coming year. Those who lost jobs are finding new strengths and skill sets to prepare themselves for a different profession. And with technology changing around us, every day brings a new way to rethink time-tested behavior, whether it’s reading a book or buying a car. Wellness in 2010 will mean continuing to reinvent how we meet both the challenges and opportunities life brings.

Responsibility? Trust has gone down. Way, way down. Whether you’re talking about Congress, big business, big finance, big auto or healthcare, we’re not sure who’s going to take care of us any more. So we’re learning to take care of ourselves – saving money, shopping prudently, remembering how to cook again, and polishing our fingernails at home, thank you very much. And as the gritty optimism of Hopenhagen fades into the fumes of the limos leaving Copenhagen, we know we need to do more for our planet, whether it’s eating lower on the food chain, biking to work or buying antiques (a lower carbon footprint than new furniture!). In 2010, wellness will include taking more responsibility for our actions, because we’ve learned that we can’t afford to be complacent about our health, our finances, or even our planet.

Respect. Well, that’s the heart of the matter, isn’t it? Respect for ourselves, and how we want to live, look and feel. Respect for our partners and children and families, friends and colleagues and neighbors. People we know, people we’ve “friended,” and people we’ve yet to meet. Because wellness is all about “we-ness.”

Wishing you well this holiday season – see you in 2010!



Ann Fry, The ReInvention HOTSHOT! December 23, 2009 at 9:31 AM  

Reinvention, without a doubt, is the buzzword as we move into 2010. Nothing remains as it did ... in the world and personally. Instead of being daunted by change, I invite people (as you do) to embrace it and use this time as an opportunitie to reevaluate what's really important to you.
Cheers to some changes for you in 2010.

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