I'll Have My Burger Green, Please

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Notice anything about this logo? Sure, it’s the familiar golden arches. But in enviro-conscious Europe, McDonald’s is changing its ketchup-red background for a color it’s not normally associated with (unless you count cash): a deep green. If you’re traveling in Germany, France or England, you can already catch the new look.

The online space has been buzzing about whether this is “greenwashing” or simply a smart reflection of McDonald’s green values (read about McDonald’s top 5 green initiatives on their web site, or as reported by greenbiz.com).

When GM publicly considered a new green logo, it was ridiculed. But what I think is most interesting is that McD’s is not changing its logo everywhere – just in the places where it believes consumers act on green initiatives more often. And who still like Le Big-Mac for a quick déjeuner.

Can a brand play with its logo in some places and not others? Classic thinking would say no – but these aren’t classic times. We’re in an era of unparalleled personalization, targeting and re-invention. What’s your take?

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