Using Tide = Better Closet Shopping!

>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What matters more? Getting out those pesky stains -- or making your clothes last longer? P&G has invested in a clever new campaign for Tide (developed with, among others, our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi) that goes right to the heart of a key insight: it matters less what a product can do (remove stains) than what it can do for you (lets you keep wearing your clothes longer).

In our 2009 survey on Wellness & the Economy, consumers told us they were shopping less, especially for clothes, as one way to maintain their financial well-being. On the flip side, closet shopping is up!

The folks on Team Tide clearly understood these sentiments, creating a message that speaks right to the wellness zeitgeist: you can feel good about saving money on new clothes – and love the clothes you have even more. There’s even a different kind of value proposition: buying Tide is a smarter economic decision because it helps you hang on to what you have.

Thanks to Tide for showing that loving the (clean) clothes you’re in is another way to express wellness!

Here’s hoping you’re well,



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