Men Are Beautiful, Too!

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

By now you’ve surely heard about Dove’s Superbowl entry for their new Men&Care line. Commentators don’t seem to expect a ‘real beauty” campaign for men -- though I don’t see why not! – but I think there’s something truly wonderful about the Dove’s choice to market traditional “beauty”-type products to what used to be called the sterner sex. (As opposed to the ladies, who were known as the “gentler” sex – ha!).

As we evolve both personally and culturally, it only seems fair to allow men the cultural freedom to enjoy, and improve, their appearance.

One of our three main watchwords for the year is Reinvention – so it’s right on trend for Dove to help normal guys across the country reinvent their morning and evening skincare routines. (Or for some, let’s just say, “invent” their routines.) While men's luxury skincare brands have been around for some time, Dove has put themselves at the forefront of a potential mainstream movement.

Wellness this year also means taking responsibility for improving your life in whatever ways are most meaningful to you. So for all you guys out there who’ve been longing for softer, smoother skin, the field is yours.

Hope this finds you well!



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