It's Veteran's Day: Kiss A Soldier!

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

91 years ago today marked the official end of the Great War, the “the war to end all wars.” Now, of course, we know that war as World War I, for reasons we all know, all too well.

So November 11th became Armistice Day, which gradually became Veterans’ Day. I’ll be honest -- while Veteran’s Day always makes me think, I don’t observe it in any overt way. I’m not closely connected with any troops in this war (other wars were different).

But on my way to work today I saw a poster for something that gave New Yorkers like me a chance to do something sweet for the people who give so much to so many. Thanks to Cosmopolitan and Maybelline, I (and you too, if you’re in the city today between 7 am and 7 pm!) can send a kiss to a soldier serving overseas. Maybelline is providing the lipstick so you can pucker up on a postcard – with room to write a message of support.

For every kiss collected, Cosmo & Maybelline will donate a $1 to the United Service Organizations (USO), the designated charity partner.

So I’m going to try to help them make their goal of setting a world’s record for most kisses collected. If you want to join me, click here to see the schedule and locations throughout the day!

And today of all days, to our troops, those who love them, and all of us who support and care for them, we here at Saatchi Wellness hope this finds you well.



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