>> Monday, November 16, 2009

First, a little patting ourselves on the back.

On Friday night, at the Clio Healthcare Awards our work for Ambien CR won not only a Gold Clio (one of only two awarded) but the Grand Clio as well.

The campaign, called Silence Your Rooster, has been acknowledged in and out of the healthcare world as truly breakthrough creative. Accepting the awards for the agency were Andrew Curtis (copywriter) and Jay Marrotte (art director). See the teasers that started it all at See all the winners at

Now, a few words about the show. As this was the very first show of it’s kind, the healthcare theme abounded. Servers were dressed as doctors and nurses and there were x-rays everywhere. I believe I also saw a crash cart serving pasta. It was kitschy and fun (although I could have done without the surgical tubing on the hors d’oeuvres tray).

Special guest, heart surgeon, writer, professor and most recently talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz received the first ever Honorary Clio Healthcare Award.

See you there next year. I’ll be the one not in scrubs.

Helayne Spivak


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