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>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am sure that I'm making the folks at the agency CRAZY with this one, I have been referencing it non-stop. But I have such admiration for the new Neutrogena skin iD brand. Personalized acne solution. 

The bar in the acne wars has just been raised.

I spent years in skin care at Johnson & Johnson, on both the client and agency sides.  16 years ago I launched Clean & Clear, at the time the first line of skin care products exclusively created for teen girls. In my mind and on many a concept page through the years, I have created and re-created version after version of this new Neutrogena skin iD line, but none of my concepts were ever as complete as what this brand has done.

As a consumer, you complete the brand's intricate profile on line and the analyzer creates a "custom" mix of products that will address your specific skin issues, whatever they are. For you and you alone, it might be #12 gel cleanser combined with #32 anti-acne treatment combined with #53 moisturizer.  

Every person in the world thinks that their skin issues are theirs and theirs alone, so this concept of personalized solutions plays right into that insight. Especially for teen girls and acne.

Even better than the site is the television advertising that drives you to the site. Hayden Panettiere is the spokesperson and she literally walks you through the site in the advertising. Not at all the typical :15, :30, or even :60 format. This is long-format, ala info-mercial, ala Proactiv.  Completely engaging and larger than life. Makes you want to jump right in.


The whole point of the advertising is to show you how you can customize the line of products to suit your skin care needs on the website. It's so captivating that you can't wait to get online and order. Obviously the point.

I love it. I love the use of television advertising to drive consumers online. I love the ability to customize a product line for personal needs. I love the use of a spokesperson to teach and motivate. I love the e-commerce. I love that Neutrogena is giving Proactiv a run for the money. Clearly I love a good marketing war.

A true breakthrough in skin care, a category that has seemingly done everything. And a breakthrough in the new marketing model where all the elements of the mix seamlessly work together, one flowing into the other. Driving to web, creating a reason to purchase, motivating consumption.

Congratulations, Neutrogena, and thanks. You're my latest marketing inspiration.

Hope this finds you well -- Jim.


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