Wellness Without Borders

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First it was global economic despair, and now it's the spread of the swine flu. If we didn't realize it before, we certainly now know that wellness has no borders. And by wellness I don't just mean diet, exercise, and sleep. There is a whole spectrum of factors that make up our wellness, including our financial status and our current state of healthiness.

There are aspects of wellness that prove we are all in it together. We are a community (big, small, and everything in between) that shapes and affects each other --- mentally and physically -- whether it's because of our bank accounts, our flu symptoms, or just our collective state-of-being. When one of us has wellness out of whack, it can affect the rest of us. The spread of germs and credit risk are just two very recent examples.

We see it here at the agency everyday as we meet consumers. Consumers who are dealing with a new diagnosis that will change their lives forever, or those that are merely trying to fight the signs of aging. As we deal with our own personal wellness challenges, we rely on others in our community to help us make good wellness choices to shape our lives.

And as we are now seeing, the lives of others. Let's make good wellness choices together.

Hope this finds you well -- Jim.


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