The Economy and Wellness

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

Read an interesting article from the NYTimes on the current state of sleeplessness, and how sleep aids are one of a few businesses doing well in this economy.

My agency works in the sleep category on the Rx side for Ambien CR, and I personally have experience in the OTC category as well. I can certainly confirm the economic effect on the nation's sleeplessness. It has not just boosted OTC sales, but sales of Rx options as well.

We work in a few categories that are weathering the economic storm quite well --- condoms is another healthy business these days. Nothing wrong with handling stress the good old fashioned way!

The economy has impacted personal wellness on many levels, not just sleep or sex. Our attitudes and behaviors are changing more dramatically than at any other time in many of our own personal histories.

The agency is in the midst of fielding a "social media" survey on our attitudes towards wellness to get a good sense of how people are reacting to the stresses of the economy.

If you'd like to participate, please do at

While the results are not complete yet, we are starting to get a peek at some trends. What are we finding?

The people who've answered so far are definitely experiencing more anxiety, stress, frustration and fear as a result of the economy. We're working more and sleeping less. No surprise there.

But there is some surprisingly good news too. We're taking better care of ourselves including exercising more, dieting, and eating more healthfully. Some are reporting cutting down on junk food, fats, sugar, and -- wait for it -- alcohol.

We're re-discovering some forgotten pleasures like reading, window-shopping, and we are finding ways to hang out with friends that doesn't cost a dime.

When it comes to defining wellness, people said that last year it was all about health. This year, being healthy is still important, but it's even more important to feel balanced and secure.

We will release the full story soon. Johanna Skilling is our Director of Strategic Planning and she is anxious to report in. Stay tuned.

Hope this finds you well -- Jim.


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