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>> Friday, March 11, 2011

Convergence in technology is all around us—whether it's our mobile phones that serve many purposes (phone, camera, address book, GPS, etc...) or the continued evolution of platforms like Facebook (who announced this week that they were entering the movie distribution business). It's a topic we explored during Social Media Week and one that we will continue to keep our eyes on in the future.

As the expression goes, "You can't know where you're going until you know where you've been." We hope that our event, "Convergence: How Social Commerce and Mobile Change the Way We Make Decisions and Shop," shed some light on the current state of convergence, and are happy to make the presentation available on SlideShare. Enjoy!


taypeps March 22, 2011 at 11:25 PM  

It is interesting to see companies making a switch from just talking to consumers to creating dialogue with their audiences. Using online platforms is just another way companies can stay in-touch with the people who use their products. This is one of the "new rules" of social media.

The trick here is not just putting information online, it's creating solid content that fans of the brand will want to discuss. The examples above all have one thing in common: Strong content that will encourage consumers to promote products on their Facebook pages.

Facebook is also continuing its growth. Whereas Google is still number one for people searching information, you better believe they have their eyes in the rearview mirror watching Facebook gain ground. They are proving convergence is happening everywhere. With the invention of "Sponsored Stories" my Facebook friends become brand ambassadors to some of the largest companies on the planet. I can now log onto my computer or check my phone and see product information told to me by my friends. The numbers are startling as well, more and more people are turning to the book to see product reviews by their friends. An example I like to use is when discussing movies. Reviews mean nothing to people if they don't know the reviewer, but if a friend who you trust, and has taste similar to yours says check out a film, there's a much higher chance you will.

I'm surprised Twitter wasn't mentioned more in the presentation. I think it is a GREAT way for companies to continue dialogue, and is another fantastic example of convergence. Often times, I know people who re-tweet info they read about in the NY Times. In the span of a twitter session, a person can be exposed to the same story four times, and generally if that many of my friends are discussing something, I'll want to explore it myself. Again, as people you personally know use Twitter and begin reviewing products, I'll be more likely to examine what's being discussed.

It's a full-time job, but companies should be dedicated to listening to their audiences. It is clear that social media platforms are beginning to appear more frequently in daily life. This means everyone who uses them can become a stakeholder in your company. I believe if companies want to succeed in using social media they need to recognize these people who use social media well and open up conversations with them. With so much convergence out there, it's becoming easier and easier for people to see if companies are authentic, or full of junk.

Thanks for the slides!

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