Norma Kamali Says Wellness is .... In Fashion!

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did anybody know that Norma Kamali, the famous and iconic fashion designer, is also a wellness guru? She even has a Wellness Café located at 11 West 56th St -- where you can go every week for Wellness Wednesday.

My eyes were opened recently when a friend of mine invited me to a screening event she was organizing to promote the debut of a new documentary series called ‘Conversations- A Dialogue on Wellness Solutions by Norma Kamali’.

The screening was at a private theater at the MOMA, and began with a brief showcase of each of her interviews with people she believed who were instrumental in the area of making positive wellness choices across the areas of beauty, fitness, nutrition, spirituality and health.

The conversations included such personalities as noted choreographer Twyla Tharp, Horst Rechelbacher- the founder of Aveda, Founders of Physique 57, Joe Cross- director and producer of “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”, and a handful of others. Each had a distinct point of view, and that became even clearer at the panel discussion that was organized after the viewing.

To learn more, take a look at to take a peek at some of the interviews and to listen to Norma’s perspective.

Hope this finds you well,
Melissa Gordon
VP, Channel Planning


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