Wellness ... Where You Least Expect It

>> Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cars are a bellwether of American culture: faster and bigger in good times, great gas mileage in leaner years.

So we knew wellness had reached a new level of significance when Nissan announced that its new cars will pump Vitamin C to moisturize the driver's skin. Using Sharp technology, the cars will not only make your skin dewier, but recreate the natural chemical process that purifies the air in the Earth's atmosphere. (By the way, Nissan is also upgrading their anti-collision technology – but that’s not the headline.)

According to one engineer, 'we want drivers to feel that they are healthier staying in the car instead of on the outside.'

How far can the trend in wellness mashups go? Well, consider this:

While doctors in New England have started to write prescriptions for zucchini, researchers in the UK have concluded that burger joints should hand out … statins. Yes, that’s right - The study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, says that “statin therapy can neutralize the cardiovascular risk caused by harmful diet choices,” specifically “a 7-oz hamburger (Quarter Pounder®) with cheese and a small milkshake.”

The authors go on to their radical recommendation: “Fast food outlets already offer free condiments to supplement meals. A free statin-containing accompaniment would offer cardiovascular benefits, opposite to the effects of equally available salt, sugar, and high-fat condiments.”

In a world where we can soon expect to have our cars give us more beautiful skin, is it too much to foresee a day when a burger will come with a side of … Lipitor?

We’ll see!

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Shawne August 30, 2010 at 10:27 AM  

Love the idea of prescriptions for fresh veggies, where local farmers dispense the medicine. Talk about a win/win.

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