Bodies at rest, bodies in motion

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

You never know when those old high school physics classes will come in handy. I've never actually taken a physics class, in high school or otherwise, but my friend Richard did, and this is the story he told me this morning.

Mr Clark, my friend's high school physics teacher, taught that there are two kinds of energy: potential and kinetic. Richard illustrated this point by holding up a stopwatch dangling from a cord. At rest, the watch was pure potential. Once it moved -- whether by its internal works, or an outside force -- it started actively affecting the world around it. That's kinetic energy - the energy of motion.

It occurred to me that if you look at the world this way, an object -- or a person -- is never stuck. On the contrary, it is full of potential. It will move -- because (another lesson from physics) nothing in the universe is static. The only question is what will set it in motion.

And that's where it gets really interesting. What sets you in motion? Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally? How are you creating your own kinetic energy ... and what would help you create more? Because kinetic energy is what fuels creation, whether it's building a healthier body, a more beautiful environment, even a more sustainable business.

But if your kinetic energy is feeling low right now, that's OK too. Because as your high-school physics teacher would tell you, you are full of potential, ready to be put in motion.

Hope this finds you well!



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